Indijos verslininkų vizitas į Klaipėdą 2011.01.21

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Indijos verslininkų vizitas į Klaipėdą 2011.01.21

21 d. į Klaipėdą atvyko Indijos verslininkų delegacija. Verslininkai domėjosi investavimu, viena iš vietovių Klaipėdos LEZ.

17 val., Nemuno g. 2, (SMK), įvyko Klaipėdos verslininkų susitikimas su Indijos verslininkų delegacija.

Delegacijos sąrašą rasite prisegtame dokumente.

Delegacijos sąrašas:

Indian business delegation to Klaipeda

1. Dr. Ernest Sharon, Chairman & CEO
Company: Sharon Impex Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Business Interest: Education – Institutions Exchange; Programme; Information Technology; Herbal – Exclusive Products; Cosmetics & Medicines; Leather – Accessories & Saddlery; Tourism & Hospitality; Real Estate.
2. Mr. Subhash Chandra, CEO
Company: Impal Electro Systems;
Business Interest: Import of Fertilizers and Minerals; Aviation Spares.
3. Mr. Rajiv Emmanuel, President Joint President
Company: Truebell Overseas
Business Interest: Pharmaceuticals (Medicine) Export to EU, 800 patents, Tea, Finance for Projects.
4. Mr. Maninder Singh, CEO
Company: Automobiles INC
Business Interest: Automobile Sector – Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Automobile Spare Parts, Building of Automobile Plants
5. Mr. Simon Park, CEO & MD
Company: Wooil Development (P) Ltd, South Korea
Business Interest: Recycling Best technology in the world, Electronics, Power Detection, Heavy Constructions etc.
6. Mr. Sanjay Dhawan Or Mr. Mohan (Lativia), CEO
Company: Airlines
Business Interest: Airlines, Export & Import, Leather and Fabrics
7. Mr. Shashi Kumar Sharma, MD
Company: New CIAO CIAO ITALIA SRL, Italy
Business Interest: Branded Garments, Accessories in Italy and Europe, more than 150 outlets, operating from Milan, Italy
8. Mr. K. Seethayya, MD
Company: Athena
Business Interest: The project will significantly enhance the quality of life of local people by way of development of infrastructure like roads, communications, employment, and secondary benefits like boost to tourism etc. On completion, Demwe Lower Hydro Electric Project is expected to provide around 6322 MU in 90% dependable year and 9593 MU in average dependable year at 95% plant availability.
9. Mr. V. Vasu, Joint President
Company: Energy Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
Business Interest: Energy Infratech seeks to leverage its extensive pool of intellectual capital for adding value to the efforts of power project developers in India and abroad. The Company also intends to build its capacity to provide services for associated energy infrastructure.
10. Mr. Thomson, Project Director SJKS
Company: Sharon Impex Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Business Interest: Real estate & NGO
11. Mr. Robert Cyril, Technical Director & PRO
Company: Sharon Impex Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Business Interest: Leather Accessories & Herbal / Ayurveda
12. Mr. Sagaya Nathan Anthony, Technical Director & PRO
Company: Sharon Impex Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Business Interest: Information Technology, Tourism & Hospitality


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